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Welcome to Kanetix, your online source for Canadian auto insurance quotes. Kanetix's classic car insurance quote comparison service brings consumers together with insurance companies in a one-stop shopping environment.

Classic Car insurance for Ontario and Alberta

Classic car insurance is called different things by different people. Some call it Antique auto insurance, others call it Vintage car insurance or Collector car insurance and some even just call it old car insurance. But, the purpose is essentially the same - to protect your older car or classic vehicle, as well as yourself and others, from the hazards of the road and the inevitable risks that come with owning an automobile.

Classic Automobile insurance, Custom Auto insurance, and Old Car insurance

While the term classic car or collector car is often used to describe just about any interesting old vehicle, purists often use the terms to describe pre-1950's vehicles, foreign or domestic, that were already luxurious and expensive in their day. At Kanetix, we are not quite so particular, and we're willing to provide insurance quotes for anything from your 1930 Ford Model A Pick-up Truck, to your 62 Ruby Red Volkswagen Beetle, and even your noisy Custom Car, as long as it meets a few basic requirements


The key is: limited usage - the car cannot be your daily driver and the appraised value of the auto must be less than $150 000. For our purposes, Antique cars and Classic autos are aged 25 years and older, while special interest vehicles, such as hobby and collector cars (some modified and custom automobiles) are defined as 15 to 24 years old.

Classic car insurance usually takes into account your age, driving history and location, whether your car is modified in some way or a standard build, the age of the car, and the number of kilometres you drive during the year. All drivers must have 10 years minimum driving history, and you may need to have a daily vehicle insured under a separate policy. Some policies are taken on an 'agreed value basis' - meaning the car insurance company must agree with your value of the car when you take out the policy - or the insurer may offer a classic car valuation.

If you own an unusual older vehicle, why not take a minute a get an insurance quote through our system? Our special vehicle and older car auto insurance quoter may be exactly the specialized tool you've been looking for to get cheaper auto insurance quotes.

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