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Dental Insurance

Compare dental health insurance quotes at Kanetix. We assist individuals and families in getting the best and most affordable dental insurance plans. We offer a broad selection of Canadian dental insurance options, which are bundled together with health insurance. Save money on your health and dental insurance by comparing various health dental insurance options, from various companies. Start the process by entering your postal code now!

Dental Insurance Canada Quotes and Rates

Dental insurance plans play a big role in helping Canadians keep their teeth healthy, and circumvent the expenses associated with dental health care. There are many companies in Canada that offer a wide range of full coverage dental insurance options that meet diverse protection and cost needs of many Canadians. At Kanetix you may obtain medical and dental insurance protection by comparing many dental insurance quotes together. (Please note that we offer comparison of dental and health and dental insurance, and health, dental and drugs insurance bundles).

Dental care may have seemed a burden in the past, or even may seem like an extra cost today. You can however obtain private dental insurance to get assistance with dentistry related expenditures.

There are two ways to obtain dental insurance in Canada:
  • Get coverage from your employer - your workplace might provide dental insurance. You can also usually obtain supplemental dental insurance on top of the insurance provided by your employer and have increased protection.
  • Obtain an individual dental insurance policy - a great option if you are not covered through your employer or wish to have extra protection.

Applying for a dental insurance plan with Kanetix is easy. First complete a dental insurance quote, and select the coverage that suits your needs as well as your budget. Once you receive a list of company quotes, then simply complete the online application with the company of your choice selected - and that's it! The entire process takes less than half an hour and can be completed from the comfort of your home or workplace.

Making a Claim with a Dental Insurance Company

When making a claim with dental insurance providers you have to follow a specific process set out by the dental insurance provider you've chosen. Paperwork must be filled out detailing the type of treatment, clinic, costs and other details. After you've filled out the paperwork, it will go through the approval process with your dental care insurance company. The length of time for approval ranges with each firm.

Group Dental Insurance Coverage

We can also help you obtain family dental insurance to help keep your family dental expenses to a minimum. Finding the right value in family plans is a vital step in being fully covered. Various group dental insurance plans have both their advantages and disadvantages, and one size fits all does not work. Keeping this in mind is an important when shopping for your dental insurance rates. Kanetix provides family dental insurance plans for 6+ people, including dependants. (Please keep in mind that dental insurance quotes are provided together with health insurance, and health and drug insurance as bundled coverage, for both individuals and group policies).

Find Cheap Dental Insurance with Kanetix

Kanetix can help you find low cost dental insurance. We have partnered with a number of companies that offer discount dental insurance in Canada, allowing you to compare their coverage, plans and rates; then select the company which offers the best protection and the cheapest dental insurance. It will only take you few minutes of your time, yet the savings may add up substantially down the road. Get a quote now with Kanetix!

Kanetix is led by professionals in the insurance and technology fields. Our innovative online technological approach to dental insurance shopping, and strong relationships with leading medical dental insurance companies, enable us to provide a wide range of options that meet diverse needs of individuals and families.

Kanetix is dedicated to service. Our team handles hundreds of daily inquiries from people like yourself, helping to maximize plans, and save money. We also continue to expand our personal dental insurance options. We constantly review and improve existing offers, as well as seek out new partners to broaden our portfolio and to bring you the best dental insurance protection.

You may buy dental insurance through Kanetix in the following provinces: Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and British Columbia (find dental insurance BC here).

You may purchase and compare dental insurance in the following cities (Please note this is not the full list as we offer service in all cities in the provinces specified above): Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa-Gatineau, Quebec City, Hamilton, Winnipeg, Kitchener, London, St. Catharines-Niagara, Victoria, Halifax, Windsor, Oshawa, Saskatoon, Regina, Barrie, St. John's, Abbotsford, Sherbrooke, Kelowna, Trois-Rivières, Guelph, Kingston, Sudbury, Chicoutimi - Jonquière,Thunder Bay, Moncton, Brantford, Saint John, Kanata, Nanaimo, and Red Deer.

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