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Compare Dog & Cat Pet Insurance quotes in minutes.

Best friend. Family. However you describe your pet, chances are you would do almost anything for them. They give you companionship and love, can make you smile with a wag of their tail or the sound of their purr; and best of all, they do it all unconditionally. That's why, when your pet falls ill or needs veterinary attention most Canadians don't think twice about getting them the medical attention needed. And without pet insurance, this medical attention can be costly.

Through KANETIX.CA, compare pet insurance quotes for cats and dogs, no matter what their age or breed.

Why Get Pet Insurance?

You love your pet, but the veterinary bills will be something all together different if Whiskers or Rover suddenly falls ill. Emergency procedures and treatments for pets aren't all that dissimilar to human medicine; they've become advanced, which means they come with a big price tag. A broken leg, hip problems, ear infections, swallowing foreign objects, diabetes, urinary tract infections and more can all cost you in the thousands of dollars without pet insurance.

Pet insurance isn't just for those times when there's an accident (but it is); depending on the policy you buy, it could also be there to help you affordably keep your pet healthy and combat any sickness, disease or change to your pet's healthy state.

What Is Pet Insurance? Dog Insurance? Cat Insurance?

It's said that owning a pet can help you live longer, but the commitment to taking care of and owning a dog or cat can be financially draining if your furry companion has an accident, illness, disease or chronic condition.

Pet insurance companies and policies vary-so it's wise to know exactly what you are, and are not, buying. All, some, or a combination of the following components make up a typical pet insurance policy:

  • Accidents
  • Illnesses
  • Dental
  • Alternative treatments, behavioural therapy and medical devices

When it comes to accidents and illnesses, pet insurance plans - whether it's dog insurance or cat insurance - will typically provide coverage that pays a portion of the cost of pet care including the vet's professional fees, hospitalization, surgery, diagnostics, x-rays, nursing, medication etc. With dental coverage, it can often include protection for not only dental illnesses but also preventative dental care for the teeth and gums. It's said that a healthy mouth is a contributing factor to a healthy pet (this is true of humans too!)

Some pet plans will even provide coverage for annual preventative visits (check-ups for your pet, if you will) with the vet. Annual visits to the vet are key to the long term health of your pet, and a robust, comprehensive pet plan that provides coverage for these visits can help you budget for the costs of this care.

Through KANETIX.CA you can compare pet plans that are described as Basic, Value, Plus and Ultra; you can get everything from just Accident Coverage (and nothing else) to an all inclusive robust plan that includes each of the four components mentioned above and more.

Pet insurance often has a co-insurance (or co-pay) component as well as a deductible. It's pretty standard in the Canadian pet insurance industry. Co-pay is the percentage of the pet insurance claim you pay before any deductible is applied. For most of the pet insurance companies featured through KANETIX.CA the co-pay is 20%, although it may vary. A deductible is a fixed amount you'll also pay, however, in many instances you pay this only once per year regardless of how many pet insurance claims you submit. This too may vary, so it's worth noting as you're reviewing pet insurance policies.

Lastly, just like any insurance product, there are often limits. When comparing pet insurance plans look to see if there's a maximum payout per claim, or per year, or per policy.

The Best Pet Insurance

The best pet insurance is the pet insurance that provides you with the coverage you need at a price you can afford. Not all pet insurance plans are created equal so doing a little homework upfront can save you later, when you need the pet insurance coverage most.

Interesting Pet Statistics

The Ontario Veterinary Medical Association (the OVMA) has compiled a list of pet statistics showing how pets are a part of the family and why:

  • More than 50% of Canadian households own a pet, whether it's a dog, cat, bird etc. That's more than five million homes!
  • Each year, Canadians spend about three billion (billion!) dollars on their pets.
  • 80% of pet owners, in a recent survey, said they gave their pets holiday or birthday presents; 60% said they signed their pets' names on cards or letters; and, just over half (51%) named their pets with names like we'd name our children.
  • From the same survey, 94% admit they speak to their pets as if they were humans, and one-third say they've spoken to their pet on the phone or have left them a message on an answering machine.
  • 90% of pet owners believe their pets are aware of their moods and emotions.

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